Industrial electronics is at the heart of our new society needs: sustainable development, preservation of health, security, mobility, with all their requirements in terms of data gathering, communication and processing, as well as in energy consumption, power and command/movement control analysis.


► Valve Control

► Nondestructive testing

► Robotics

► Industrial control / monitoring

► Motion control

►  ultrasonic quipment

The IIoT transforms each and every sector of traditional industry and industry 4.0, including supply chain management, production process optimization, monitoring of equipment health and performance, environmental monitoring, energy management, safety production, etc. The IoT-enabled industry will greatly increase production efficiency, improve product quality, lower cost and reduce resource consumption.

Implementing Industry 4.0 can boost your performance and productivity. We’re in the midst of a significant transformation regarding the way we produce products thanks to the digitization of manufacturing. This transition is so compelling that it is being called Industry 4.0 to represent the fourth revolution that has occurred in manufacturing. From the first industrial revolution (mechanization through water and steam power) to the mass production and assembly lines using electricity in the second, the fourth industrial revolution will take what was started in the third with the adoption of computers and automation and enhance it with smart and autonomous systems fueled by data and machine learning.

Apex Microtechnology high-current operational amplifiers, high-voltage operational amplifiers and PWM amplifiers are a leading choice for motor control, piezo drive, and current control applications across the industrial OEM when high reliability is paramount.