Apex Microtechnology Receives Patent for Thermally Conductive Electronic Packaging




Apex Microtechnology Inc., a HEICO company (NYSE:HEI) and industry leader in high power analog devices, is pleased to announce the expansion of its patent portfolio through the successful filing of its 16th patent, titled Thermally Conductive Electronic Packaging.

This patent includes novel apparatuses and methods for configuring a circuit board to contain a plurality of die having different bottom-side electrical potential. The apparatus itself consists of a circuit board comprising a metallic base plate, a thermally conductive dielectric, and a plurality of metallic pads.

In this package, each of the two output die is coupled with a respective metallic pad, with the first die configured to exhibit a first bottom-side electrical potential, and the second die configured to exhibit a second bottom-side electrical potential. This apparatus's ability to maintain excellent thermal conductivity is achieved through its configuration - the metallic base plate, the thermally conductive dielectric, and the metallic pads allow for heat to be conducted away from the plurality of die. This novel packaging is integral to the protection of certain power amplifiers, such as Apex Microtechnology's PA164 and PA165, where the superior thermal conductivity of the package enables these products to expand upon the previous boundaries of power output.

Looking to the future, Apex Microtechnology will continue to research innovative analog and mix-signal solutions in the field of power electronics as we strive to enable, advance, and accelerate the development of complex electrical systems. The patent grant notification was issued on March 23, 2021 by the United States Patent Office (USPO).